Questions and Answers with Damo Mitchell

A random selection of topics including martial arts, medicine and Nei Gong

Questions and Answers

Damo and the school in general receive a lot of questions through emails, Facebook and other sources. We are generally too busy to respond to all of these queries on a daily basis and so here we have collated some of the more commonly asked questions and put them to Damo who has answered them in video format. Over time, we shall add more content to this section. Listed to the right are the questions covered in each video:

Part 1
  • Are Taijiquan, Qi Gong and Chinese medicine all Daoist?
  • Do you consider yourself to be Daoist?
  • How is Qi relevant to Taijiquan? Is Fajin real?
  • What is the Micro-Cosmic Orbit?
Part 2
  •  What is Nei Gong as opposed to Qi Gong?
  • Can I lift weights and practice the internal arts?
  • Is it possible to become sick from Qi Gong practice?
  • Can I combine Qi Gong or Taijiquan with other arts?
Part 3
  • How does Feng Shui fit into these practices?
  • What is the function of martial arts in modern times?
  • What is the Dan Tian?
  • Why do you not use imagination in your system?
Part 4
  • How do Nei Gong and Chinese medicine relate to one another?
  • Are there differences between male and female Nei Gong?
  • Why do you teach?
  • Siddhi, what are they and how important are they?