14-17 November 2019

Vilamoura, Portugal

Course Overview

Over four meet-up events, amounting to 13 days, Damo will teach the martial and Nei Gong system of Baguazhang

Course Information

Our Baguazhang training is an ongoing structured program that meets up four times per year in the Algarve, Portugal. The program is a rolling training course whereby students join for a years worth of study at a time. So, students sign up for the training in blocks of four courses which begin each November. Then, at the start of each training year, we allow newcomers onto the program meaning that we have space for new students only once per year.

Below is an example of the structure of the teaching:

  • Course 1: Four day training event in November
  • Course 2: Three day training event in February
  • Course 3: Four day training event in May
  • Course 4: Three day training event in August

So, over the course of a year, students have 14 days per year face-to-face teaching whereby Damo and senior students will guide students through the drills they should practice before the next meet-up. Students will then also have access to weekly videos covering basic drills and exercises they should practice as a part of their ongoing development. In this way, between quarterly meet-ups and ongoing online support, we can help guide students deep into the classical Baguazhang style.

The Syllabus

Over time, the rolling study program will teach several aspects of Baguazhang including the following:

  • Bagua Ji Ben Gong (Foundation Drills and Conditioning)
  • Bagua Jing Gong (Static Work)
  • Circle Walking Nei Gong
  • Large Frame Hou Tian Eight Palms
  • Small Frame Palm Changes
  • Optional Classes in Contact and Martial Arts Practice

It is estimated that it should take around three years (twelve meet-up events) to get through the two sets of palms and essentially complete the foundation training in Baguazhang from within the Cheng system. Three years is around the time that foundations take in any system.

Online Support

Each week there will be a short video of as drill or principles that we would like students to practice in order to help develop their art. These will be simple movements or postures which will align with what the students are learning face-to-face in class with us over the course of the year. These videos can be from the form, Ji Ben Gong or else may include theoretical lectures or practice of the Yi Jing (Classic of Changes) as this will support the theory of the system. In some cases, it may be that we use sound files for theory rather than video but the majority of the support will be visual in nature.

Expectations and Enrolment Info

We previously tried to teach Baguazhang within Lotus Nei Gong but had to cancel it because hardly any of the students in attendance practiced what they had been taught. In order to avoid this situation arising once more we want to make it clear that students will be expected to practice regularly between training events and follow the instructions provided online and by Damo in class. Students who wish to join the training should ensure that they have enough time in their lives to practice the material regularly; we don’t want to specific a particular or minimum time, this is up to the individual student. Instead, the idea is that students practice regularly and ensure that they keep up with what is being taught.

Baguazhang can be quite taxing on the body, especially the lower limbs. We ask that students are aware of this and so avoid booking onto this course if they have chronic injuries to the feet, ankles, knees or hips. Whilst Taijiquan is okay for these kinds of injuries and can indeed help; Baguazhang can place a bit of a strain on these regions of the body, especially in beginners. There will be a fair amount of leg strengthening for new students to do and so we would not want anybody to do themselves harm with this training.

Location: Vilamoura, Portugal

Date: 14-17 November 2019

Price: 1,000 Euro’s for the four courses (one years worth of training) and access to the fortnightly video program. This is the cost for Lotus Nei Gong members.


The Nei Gong process taught by Damo Mitchell and Lotus Nei Gong is a classical process and is, at times, very strong. For this reason we do not wish for anybody with psychological disorders or those with serious medical issues/needs attend these events. There are many ‘medical’ Qi Gong schools out there that would be more appropriate for these kinds of needs. Nei Gong is also not suitable for pregnant women or anybody under the age of 18 years old. Lastly we reserve the right to ask any student to leave the training immediately if we deem the training to be unsuitable for them or a risk to their well-being. If any student attends a course such as this with known psychological disorders or medical issues that may put them at risk, they take full responsibility for their actions and any outcomes. Lotus Nei Gong International nor its staff will be held accountable in such instances.