Qi Gong Deviation Sickness

CPD for Qualified Acupuncturists

13-16 March 2020

Vilamoura, Portugal

Course Overview

Over four days, Damo Mitchell and Rob Aspell will be exploring the nature of Qi Gong deviation sickness, Kundalini sickness and associated disorders according to Chinese medicine. Acupuncture will be the main modality taught with Chinese herbal formulae also included in the teachings. This course is only open to fully qualified and insured Chinese medical practitioners or Chinese medicine students who have a solid grasp of foundation theory (we shall need to chat with student practitioners ahead of time to ensure that they have enough knowledge for the course to be useful to them).

Qi Gong Deviation sickness is an imbalance that may arise from not just Qi Gong but also any other internal practice including meditation, Taiji or Yoga. It is a condition that is becoming increasingly common as a result of the freedom of access to internal practices in the West combined with students often having insufficient knowledge to practice these arts safely. It is a condition that can take many forms with symptoms ranging from uncomfortable through to life-threatening. An added complication in Qi Gong deviation sickness is that western doctors rarely know how to treat what is essentially a sickness based almost solely in the movement of Qi. For these reasons, we are offering this four-day-event to introduce treatment protocols for various forms of Qi Gong and Yoga derived sicknesses.

Proposed Content

This is a proposed list of content for the course. It may change to a certain degree on the day according to the needs of the group but it will follow this plan in the main:

  • Discussion of the nature of internal practice – Qi Gong, Meditation and Yoga
  • Discussion of the nature of Qi and the Nervous System
  • Discussion of the nature of the Kundalini and Kundalini sickness
  • The nature of the Shen within internal practice
  • Mindfulness and the potential risks of Meditation
  • The main types of Qi Gong sickness including Qi Gong Deviation, Dragon Sickness, Entering Demon Sickness and more.
  • Treatment of Qi Gong sickness and Kundalini sickness through Acupuncture
  • Herbal Formulae for treating Qi Gong sickness
  • Providing guidance and advice to sufferers of Qi Gong sickness
  • Practical sessions and guidance on clinical treatment

Course Information

The course will run from 9am until 5pm with an hours break for lunch. Training will take place in the town of Vilamoura, Portugal. Vilamoura is very easy to get to from all over Europe with flights from the UK being especially easy and affordable.

Vilamoura has plenty of affordable accommodation options during the month of March as it is largely a tourist destination and March is during the towns low-season.

The cost of the course is: 350 euros which includes the four days training.

Location: Vilamoura, Portugal

Date: 13th – 16th of March, 2020

Price: €350

This course is qualified Chinese medicine practitioners or Chinese medical students with prior approval from the course leaders.