Ongoing Acupuncture Diploma

Ongoing three year Diploma course

Glastonbury, UK

Course Overview

  • Continuing three year long Diploma run as a part of the Xiantian College of Chinese Medicine. All courses taught by Damo Mitchell and Rob Aspell
  • This is continuing training with a constant group and as such we do not take new applicants for this course

These dates are a part of the three year long Diploma in Chinese medicine taught by Damo Mitchell and Rob Aspell. On these Diploma courses students study a full spectrum of Chinese therapeutic modalities including Tui Na massage, acupuncture, cupping and moxabustion. By the end of the three long Diploma students are fully insured and qualified under the Xiantian College to practice as Chinese medicine professionals.

Modules on the Course include:

  • Chinese Medicine Theory 1
  • Chinese Medicine Theory 2
  • Diagnostics
  • Jing Luo Studies
  • Practice of Acupuncture
  • Treatment of Disease
  • Medical Energetics
  • Tui Na

These modules are taught over 22 contact days as well as online support through the colleges website. Students meet up on these 4-6 day long events where the modules are studied, theoretical lectures are given and practical training closely supervised by the two main teachers and some assistant qualified practitioners.

Course Information

The course takes place in Compton Dundon, near Glastonbury in the south of the UK.

Meadway Hall, Ham Lane, Compton Dundon, TA11 6PQ

Each day runs from 9am until 5pm with an hour’s break for lunch. Students should find local accommodation in Glastonbury. We also hold evening classes on the majority of the events where we study Qi Gong and Chinese medicine energetics.

For more information on this course or upcoming Diploma start dates please visit the main college website at:

Location: Glastonbury, UK

Price: 2,500 GBP per year




The Nei Gong process taught by Damo Mitchell and Lotus Nei Gong is a classical process and is, at times, very strong. For this reason we do not wish for anybody with psychological disorders or those with serious medical issues/needs attend these events. There are many ‘medical’ Qi Gong schools out there that would be more appropriate for these kinds of needs. Nei Gong is also not suitable for pregnant women or anybody under the age of 18 years old. Lastly we reserve the right to ask any student to leave the training immediately if we deem the training to be unsuitable for them or a risk to their well-being. If any student attends a course such as this with known psychological disorders or medical issues that may put them at risk, they take full responsibility for their actions and any outcomes. Lotus Nei Gong International nor its staff will be held accountable in such instances.