The Core Syllabus

Systematic Training in the Foundations of Nei Gong

Foundation Training


One important part of training in any internal or spiritual art is the development of a very strong foundation. Often-times people will try to run before they can walk when they start out in Qi Gong or meditation. This is always a mistake as any authentic teacher will take you through a very strong foundation process as this is really the fastest way to development; apparent shortcuts generally turn out to be dead ends…

Within Lotus Nei Gong International, we have developed a strong foundation program that students are taken through before they progress onto more complex internal methods. The foundations are based in Qi Gong and Dao Yin methods with a clear emphasis on:

  • Development of the correct body for internal practice
  • Consolidation and awakening of the lower Dan Tian
  • Clearing the body of pathogenic Xie Qi
  • Opening the Channel System
  • Development of the Micro-Cosmic Orbit/Small Water Wheel
  • Harmonisation of Fire and Water Qi 

We build these foundations in every student who studies Nei Gong with us so that they may develop their health and well-being as well as settle the emotional mind to a large degree. During this process, the students learn how to work with and understand their internal environment and the nature of Qi so that advanced practice is accessible to them.

Core Syllabus Structure


In order to help students develop these foundations as efficiently as possible, we have established the ‘core syllabus structure‘. This is a series of events taught at each of our official branches (and many of the affiliate branches as well) that aims to lead a student step-by-step through the foundation exercises and body transformation methods of the system.

How it works is that each official branch (that provides Nei Gong training) runs between 3 and 4 long-weekend courses per year or alternatively they fashion their weekly classes with timetables and methods according to the structure set out by Damo Mitchell as a result of his 30+ years full-time study of the Eastern arts. These courses may be attended individually, or those students who wish to progress in a systematic fashion may follow the events at our official branches and thus move steadily and in a sensible sequence through the foundation training. You can find more information about our core training events by visiting the core events page.

The core training has been organised so that it runs in a circular fashion; what this means is that, essentially, students can join the core training at any time and still be sure that they are working on their foundation skills at the correct pace and in a sensible sequence. If you have any more questions on this then please either drop us or any of the official branches a line through the appropriate channels.

Though any of our Level 1 events may be joined by newcomers to the school; the core syllabus training events may be a sensible starting point for those who wish to train in the traditional internal methods of Lotus Nei Gong in a systematic manner.