Dao De Jing

The Classic of the Way & Virtue

~ A New Translation ~

The Dao De Jing is amongst the most widely translated texts in world literature and arguably the most influential text to come out of ancient China.

Despite the Dao De Jing being read around the world, many translations have lost much of the original meaning due to being written from the perspective of a non-practitioner of the internal arts. In this new translation, Damo Mitchell has kept the essence of Lao Zi’s original teachings with regards to his meditation practice. It is hoped that, for the first time in the English language, the Dao De Jing can be accessed by those wishing to understand the texts connection to the method of internal cultivation that has come to be known as the ‘Heart-Fasting’ method.

Dao De Jing – The Classic of the Way & Virtue

This new translation of the Dao De Jing was translated by Damo with every effort taken to ensure that the original meaning was left intact. Rather than seeing the text as a text of purely intellectual philosophy or new-age life advice, Damo understands that the Dao De Jing is a clear guide to the oldest form of meditative practice coming from within the Daoist tradition. The text was not adjusted to make it more pleasing poetically as this often happens to the detriment of the texts meaning. This is a pure meditative classic presented in a way that it may of assistance to studnets of the Dao.

Only the text is included, there is no commentary, simply the original words of Lao Zi in the 81 verses of the Classic of the Way & Virtue.

The text is only available through this site, it is not in any bookshops or online through sites like Amazon. If you would like to buy a copy from us then please contact us via the form directly below and we shall send details of how you can acquire the text.

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