Dragon Dao Yin Training

With Mike Jones and Sophie Johnson
24 – 25 March 2018

Over these 2 days we will begin to cover the Dragon Dao Yins in detail. The aim is to learn or deepen one of the four dragons on each weekend.

Whilst for some of you this may involve learning the movements if you have not trained this set before, we expect that many of you coming have the movements and wish to go deeper and layer some more principles into the training. Both are fine, as on each weekend will be focusing on 3 key principles, and then applying them into the physical movements.

• Understanding how to access and stretch the correct connective lines, through song and extension of Yi
• Keeping the mass in the correct place whilst practicing (a common fault for many practicing this set)
• Internal expansion/elasticity of movement

Course Practicalities

Fee: £110
Location: Meadway Hall , Ham Lane, Compton Dundon, TA11 6PQ
Time: 9.30 – 5pm each day.