Lotus Nei Gong In Your Area

Invite One Of Our Senior Teachers

Lotus Nei Gong International is rightly known as a leading provider of training in the Doaist internal arts. We have a structured and systematic syllabus designed to lead students into authentic training that produces clear and tangible results. Because of this, we receive many requests from people around the world looking to host Lotus Nei Gong in their area.

Because we are a growing organisation with a number of highly qualified instructors within the school who have been trained by Damo Mitchell, we have decided to centralise the place where these requests should be made so that we may process such requests and see if we are able to help. We have a team of instructors who are happy and willing to travel to locations worldwide to help deliver the training people are seeking and so we will put potential hosts worldwide in contact with relevant teachers who would best serve people in that area.

So, if you would like Lotus Nei Gong International in your area then please drop us a line via the Contact form at the bottom of this page and we will discuss your request with our team of instructors to see if we can help you out with training in our system.

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