Jason Smith

Senior Student of Damo Mitchell

A Brief Biography


Jason Smith, like many others, tried out various martial arts in his youth but started his training properly when he met Damo Mitchell in 2010. This was during the time when Damo was running regular weekly classes in the UK and Jason joined for the four classes per week Damo was running back then in martial arts and Qi Gong. Though these classes served as a good foundation, Jason decided he wanted to take the practice to another level and so quit his job as an accountant to train full time with Damo and his wife Roni Edlund.


Intensive Retreats

At this time, Damo was running three month long retreats in the Daoist arts in the forests of Sweden. On these intensive events, Damo and around twenty students would live together in rustic settings with no electricity or comforts so that they could focus solely on practice for the entire summer. The students lived together outdoors, no matter the weather and studied martial arts and Nei Gong from early morning until late at night every day for the twelve weeks of each retreat. Jason joined Damo for every one of the use retreats which ran for a number of years as well as travelling with Damo internationally and practicing the arts in Europe, South East Asia and America. By this time Jason was a senior student within the school and a close student of Damo.


Live-In Student

The classical way of learning the internal arts was to become a live-in student of the teacher and to essentially study in the form of an apprenticeship. Jason decided to study this way and become a live-in student of Damo and Roni and this now continues at their home in the South of Portugal. Jason studies daily with Damo either at his home training centre or on the courses Damo runs around the world which Jason also assist with. He has studied in this fashion for a number of years now and has lived with them in Thailand and Portugal as well as travelling extensively through Europe and America.


The Arts

Jason has studied Taijiquan and Baguazhang extensively as well as generic Chinese boxing and Nei Gong internal training as well. He now assists Damo on his events as well as running his own schools around Europe, America and in Portugal. On top of this, he also has a passion for Karaoke which Lotus Nei Gong hasn’t been able to train out of him yet!