~ Lotus Nei Gong ~

Studying since childhood, Damo Mitchell has travelled across Europe, South East Asia, India and China searching for masters of ancient lineages and wisdom traditions. He has studied in temples, stayed in caves and lived on mountains as well as deep in the jungle, looking for teachers who could provide answers to the deeper meanings of life. From Meditation to Qigong, Martial Arts to Yoga, Damo has thrown himself fully into the transformative arts of Asia and dedicated his life to his study’s.

Damo carried out a great deal of searching and now, students of his teachings may benefit from a clear path that was identified running through the core of the traditions. The Dao is not a ‘horizontal’ path as such, it isn’t an external journey, rather, it is an internal journey that we travel by going ‘deeper’ towards the core of who and what we are. This is ultimately the goal of Damo’s teachings and the ethos at the centre of all that he teaches. Various ‘tools’ are used to explore the inner environment and these are the methods offered by Lotus Nei Gong International on their events.

Almost all students coming into the school will study one or more of the three key paths of study outlined below:

~ Nei Gong & Alchemy ~

The inner transformative work of Nei Gong, Qi Gong, Alchemical practice from the Daoist tradition and inner meditation from the Buddhist lines are the core of Lotus Nei Gong’s methods. The school offers a clear and defined method of awakening the energetic system of the body, developing the key centres known as the Dan Tian and learning to establish the various cycles and orbits of Daoist alchemical training. The meditative training offered establishes the correct mental qualities required in order to penetrate through to the centre of the illusion of self.

Damo has taught these methods globally for over a decade and a half now, he has been sought out by the newly curious as well as those with decades or their own prior experience. People sought him out precisely because his experience enables him to tailor the training to each individual student’s needs and ensure that there is steady progress. Results are clear and tangible, those experiences that are irrelevant or unhelpful are quickly moved past.

These are the same methods taught by the many teachers who have worked closely with Damo until they are at the stage whereby they are able to establish their own schools and take their own students.

Martial Arts Training

Lotus Nei Gong’s Martial Arts syllabus includes Yang Taijiquan, Hunyuan Boxing for close students, Cheng Baguazhang and Hebei Xingyiquan. Alongside these internal systems, the school also offers a practical foundation in physical combative training including striking, kicking, wrestling, ground-fighting and locking. Those students who study inner truth through the vehicle of combat study one or more aspects of this side of Lotus Nei Gong’s training.

It should be noted that though we teach traditional internal martial arts, ‘fighting’ is pretty far from our concern. The arts are used as a tool for self-development and self-awareness. Spiritual growth lay at the heart of all that the school offers and those seeking to learn to hurt others or to learn how to compete through these arts will not find this within Lotus Nei Gong International.


~ Chinese Medicine ~

Though medicinal teachings run throughout the entire school, we also offer professional training in Acupuncture and Tui Na bodywork through the sister college of Lotus Nei Gong, Xian Tian College. This is the place to study traditional Chinese medicine in a clear manner under the guidance of Damo and fellow Chinese medicine enthusiast, Rob Aspell.

Chinese medicine was largely influenced by the Daoist tradition and it is often studied by students of the Dao in order to fulfil two main functions – firstly, it is an excellent form of service; to help others in their suffering is a great kindness that has long been extolled as a virtue by all spiritual traditions. Secondly, through developing an acute, working understanding of the energetics of human wellness and disease, a practitioner can begin to cultivate a kind of innate inner wisdom that can help guide them towards self-awakening. In this way, Chinese medicine is often known as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Eastern arts as it combines an effective cultivation method with a compassionate expression of the arts.


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