Nei Gong Level 1

5th – 6th May 2018


  • Taught by Damo Mitchell
  • Two days working through the Nei Gong process using various Qi Gong methods

This will be the first ‘public’ event Damo has run on the east coast of America for the last two years. Since 2015 he has been focusing on an established group who have been working their way through the foundations of Nei Gong practice.

On this two day long event Damo will be starting with structural training and consolidation of the Dan Tian. Qi Gong and Dao Yin exercises are also taught to help students understand the various tools involved in the practice of the internal arts. The most important aspect in the early stages is learning how to set up the correct ‘qualities’ within the body so as to ensure that students are able to locate and work with the energetic system. From here it is important to learn how to move whilst maintaining these qualities. To do this we have a series of exercises designed to help focus power on the lower Dan Tian and circulate Qi through the key channels of the body.

Important stages for building an efficient foundation include:

  • Structural principles
  • Consolidation of lower Dan Tian
  • Circulation of the key channels
  • Purging the body of pathogens

It is likely that there will be students of a beginner level as well as more advanced students who are further into the Nei Gong process on this event. For this reason we shall look at the exercises and practices at different levels according to the skill level of those in attendance.

Course Practicalities

The course takes place over one day in Schooley Mill Park, Maryland, USA

12975, Hall Shop Road, Highland, MD 20777

The cost of the days training is: 150 USD

The days run from 9am until 5pm with an hour’s break for lunch. Students should find local accommodation in the local area



The Nei Gong process taught by Damo Mitchell and Lotus Nei Gong is a classical process and is, at times, very strong. For this reason we do not recommend that anybody with psychological disorders or those with serious medical issues/needs attend these events. There are many ‘medical’ Qi Gong schools out there that would be more appropriate for these kinds of needs. Nei Gong is also not suitable for pregnant women or anybody under the age of 18 years old. Lastly we reserve the right to ask any student to leave the training immediately if we deem the training to be unsuitable for them or a risk to their well-being