Members Area

Private Areas of the Website for School Members

Here you will find a password protected area of the site designed just for members of the Lotus Nei Gong School as well as a second section that only inner-door students can access. Ask Damo or one of the seniors for the passwords to access the appropriate sections of the site. Obviously we request that only those within the school enter this area of the site and that passwords are not handed out without Damo or one of the other seniors knowing. We shall also change the passwords for these areas occasionally so if you cannot access the site and you think you should be able to then it may just be that the password has been updated; drop us a message and we will give you access once more.


Members Area

Entrance to the members area of the site. Here you will find videos, articles and various pieces of information that are intended solely for regular members of our school. There is no access for non-members to this part of the site.

London QGC Members

Fortnightly videos for the students on the London QGC course can be accessed here. Please do not share these videos outside of the group. Thank you.

Chinese Medicine Diploma

Here are the ongoing videos for the Chinese medicine Diploma. These videos are only available to those completing the three year long Diploma courses with us.

Inner Sanctum

This section of the site is reserved only for inner-door students of Damo. Those who are considered close and senior students of the Lotus Nei Gong School.