Nei Gong (Canada)


On this three day long event Damo will be teaching the Nei Gong process. Focus will be on the first level of practice which is essentially concerned with consolidation of the lower Dan Tian, circulation of Qi through the major channels of the body and clearing the body of negative energetic influences.

There are various tools and exercises within Lotus Nei Gong’s syllabus and on a course such as this, tools will be selected which are most relevant to the needs and ability level of the students in attendance. Rather than focusing on teaching a specific exercise set, Damo will focus on the process involved in the practice of Nei Gong and select which exercises are to be taught on the day.

Practices at level 1 may include may include:

  • Structural principles
  • Ji Ben Qi Gong
  • Wu Xing Qi Gong
  • Wu Dao Yin
  • Dragon Dao Yin
  • Standing practices

Other exercises not included in the list may be selected. Alongside this there will be relevant theoretical lectures and use of direct transmission to help with internal development.