Nei Gong Foundations – Barcelona

December 2018 (Jason Smith)


Over the course of two days Jason Smith will begin teaching the foundation (level 1) material that is taught within Lotus Nei Gong. This material will enable students to start to build a strong foundation and begin the Nei Gong process in a smooth and efficient manner. The course will be taught in English but there will be a translator assisting Jason and translating into Spanish for any non-English speakers.

This course is part of a series that are planned to take place in Barcelona, which started in September 2018, following a new structured training program designed by Damo, more information about this is contained below. However do not worry if you missed the first course, as the structured program is designed to take students at any point in the cycle.

Over the weekend the fundamentals of the Wuji position will be covered in detail along with a brief recap of the movements taught from the first course and then going into detail on the remaining movements that form the Ji Ben Qi Gong set. Alongside this there will be some work specifically aimed at helping students locate and gently activate the Lower Dan Tian.

What is Nei Gong?

Nei Gong is a process of internal change and development. To work through this process, we require different tools to help us with various things, these tools come mainly in the form of Qi Gong and Dao Yin exercises.lo

For a more detailed description of what Nei Gong is, please click here.

Structured Continued Training

The Nei Gong process has been taught by Damo Mitchell for over 10 years in various places around the world. As a result of this he has been able to create a codified structure for teachers within Lotus Nei Gong to follow to enable students to move through the process in the safest and most efficient manner.

Previously the only structured course has been the Qi Gong Certificates (QGC) program, which were aimed at students specifically wishing to become teachers of this system. The new structured training syllabus is going to be implemented throughout the school over the next few years and will replace the need for QGC programs.

This course will be the second of four courses that will take place each year in Barcelona. The structured program is based on a four year rolling calendar and has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t really matter where in those four years you start the course. The majority of the courses will be taught by me, Jason Smith, but other teachers, including Damo, will attend at different points during the rolling program.

Over the four years’ students will cover all of the level one material taught within Lotus Nei Gong as well as some adjuncts on occasion.

Course Details

Dates: 15th to 16th December 2018
Address: Residencia Salesiana Martí Codolar, Av. del Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer, 15, 08035 Barcelona
Level: 1
Price: €120

Jason Smith

Jason is a senior student within Lotus Nei Gong school of Daoist Arts. He has been studying with Damo for 7-8 years now, initially starting with weekly classes in Wrexham and courses in the UK.

After a couple of years, he decided to study full time with Damo and gave up his job. Since then he has travelled with Damo (and his wife Roni) and lived in different places around the world, including Thailand, Sweden, USA and now Portugal for extended periods of time.

For the past two years he has been a live-in student with Damo and Roni in their home in Portugal and a member of the admin team that runs Lotus Nei Gong.

For the past 4-5 years he has been beginning to assist Damo on courses around the world, including being involved in and part of the assessment team on both the Swedish QGC and American QGC. Currently he is also assisting on the London QGC and has been teaching martial arts alongside Damo and Roni to existing students in the school for blocks of time in Portugal.