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Listed below are some of our previous events which were recorded online. These were ‘live’ online events that up to 200 students were in attendance of at the time. These events can be accessed and rented for up to 12 months. 

Our advice is that you should see how long the event was and then set aside a similar time to work on the material. So, if it was a two-day event, you should set aside a quite couple of days away from your normal life and work through the videos and exercises over the same time period that the students who attended the course did. 

Please note that some of these events are available only to specific groups of students, please read the guidelines next to the course description to ass if you are applicable for this training. 

Di Chu Xuan Lan

Online Events
Only Available to LNG Level 2 Students


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Di Chu Xuan Lan (Clearing the Subtle Vision)

This course was taught over two days and one introductory evening. It was a series of theoretical talks and practical lessons on Qigong and Meditative training aimed at accessing and refining the subtle vision of the mind. This is in accordance with teachings from the Quan Zhen branch of Daoism. 

The course features 7 lessons of approximately 1.5 hours in length each. Students who wish to work through this training are advised to go slowly and integrate each part of the training as well as taking notes on and studying the associated theory. 

Note that this course is only available to students with a background in the schools material and, as such, we are only making it available to those Level 2 students within Lotus Nei Gong International. 

If you would like to sign up for this course then please e-mail us and we will give you payment details as well as a password required to access the page that includes the videos. 


Damo Mitchell

7 Lessons

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