Taijiquan Courses

With Paul Mitchell

These courses will be taught by Lotus Nei Gong Daoist arts senior teacher Paul Mitchell. He has spent the last forty years immersed in the study of classical Asian arts, Martial, Medical and Spiritual.

The subject of these workshops will be that of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). The term Taijiquan translates into English as ‘grand extremity fist’ but this does not do justice to this Noble jewel in the crown of Classical Chinese culture. Within Daoist cosmology, Taiji is considered to be the motive force of creation. It is the name used for that spiralling spark of life that lies at the beginning of time. It is this energetic vibration that lies at the heart of a true practitioners studies for both martial and cultivational purposes.

The Taijiquan taught in LNG Daoist arts is from the Zheng Manqing lineage of the Yang family branch of practice as taught by Huang Xing Xian. Unfortunately, in these modern times, the vast majority of Taiji and indeed most Asian internal systems have been watered down, due partially to the fact that simplified methods were devised in China in order to keep the general population in good health and also poor transmission of information from East to West.

On these courses Paul will teach all students in attendance the internal principles necessary in order to develop their personal study into a truly internal art. In a systematic way he will teach the simple but elusive principles of:

  • Sung (the ever deepening release of tension in the human body);
  • Ting (the ability to listen with our mind to the movement of our internal energy);
  • The correct development of our connective tissues (the Huang)

Through various exercises such as:

  • The Wu Song Shen Fa (5 loosening exercises);
  • The Ba Men (eight gates);
  • The 37 form of Huang Xing Xian.

students will over time develop the elusive skills around the Jins of Taijiquan.

For any queries or to book please contact paulmitchelllng@gmail.com

Paul also offers one day courses in Somerset and private lessons.