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Resources and Miscellaneous Information

On the above menu bar you will find information on books written by Damo, galleries you can visit and members areas for students of the school. There are also links to various places and a few other things to look at! As we end up with more ‘miscellaneous’ pieces of information we shall place them all here in the ‘resources’ section of our site.

Members Areas

Here you will find the various ‘password-locked’ sections of our site. There are sections for our school members, those Tu Di students, QGC members and the students on our Chinese medicine Diploma courses. Whew…so many passwords to remember!


Here is a collection pf photos taken on our courses over the years. There are action shots, teaching images and group photos from some of our courses. There are is a link to our Youtube channel that we need to update more frequently!

Blog Articles

There are a number of articles on here for you to read, They tend to cover subjects relating to the wider tradition of Daoism. These articles will be added to regularly so please check back when you have time. We also run a larger Blog at the Scholar Sage site.

Q & A

A series of videos where Damo answers common questions that people send him or the school via email and social media platforms. These videos are unscripted and filmed ‘off the cuff’.

Books by Damo

Damo Mitchell is an award-winning author who has written a number of books on Daoism and Chinese medicine. They are published by Singing Dragon and you can find links to them here. If you like them, please leave us a review on Amazon or Goodreads!