Nei Gong is the practice leading to attainment of real internal skill and transformation, and the philosophical art of change that runs through all Daoist practice. This book provides a unprecedented insight into the entire Nei Gong process, expanding upon the foundations laid in the author's previous widely read book, Daoist Nei Gong, to provide a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the practice. Going into unparalleled detail whilst remaining accessible, it explains the philosophy at the heart of Nei Gong practice, and the steps whereby transformation is achieved. A foundational knowledge of Chinese medicine will help the reader appreciate the explanation more deeply, but is not required for understanding. Essential reading for all serious practitioners of Qi Gong and the Daoist tradition, the book will also be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Chinese medicine, martial arts or advanced meditation.

Publisher: Singing Dragon
Reviews:Cindy Engel wrote:

I urge anyone interested in the internal arts to read this book. You won't get standard regurgitated descriptions of Qi or Qi gong. Nor will you get exotic tales of secret rituals in dark caverns. What you will get is a truly comprehensive sharing of profound information in an accessible format. Damo has not only dedicated his life to cultivating 'gong' but also to understanding the processes involved (somatically and intellectually) so that others can benefit.

H Meacham wrote:

Historically, the most satisfying part of reading Damo Mitchell’s books is the fact they grow with you, as your own journey into these arts evolves and this one appears to be no different.

For me, this is not just a book to read once, be mesmerised by the supernatural content and apparent juxtaposition of its complex and yet somehow completely accessible content and then leave collecting dust on your bookcase. But instead one to return to repeatedly as your own awareness expands, which seemingly allows increasing layers of knowledge to emerge from the pages and offer deeper realisations.

Similar to a previous review, I too have already had my fair share of “ah ha” moments, where space and time feels as tho it stands still, as an understanding appears to be absorbed and ‘downloaded’ on levels I cannot fully comprehend, not only in regard to Nei Gong but also in relation to one of its counterparts, Chinese Medicine.

Damo possesses an innate ability to take the plethora of ancient, intricate and esoteric Daoist philosophy and transform it into a logical and coherent system for the layperson to follow. What’s more, he does not do so simply from a theoretical perspective but from an experiential first hand understanding, allowing us to be safe in the knowledge that his generous perspective is authentic and his pursuit sincere.

I can only feel grateful for his lifetime’s journey of investigation, to seek out and train with masters all across the globe, while allowing me to reap the benefits sitting in the comfort of my living room!

Jason Gregory wrote:

Damo Mitchell has dedicated his whole life to Daoism and the Daoist arts. Not many of us can say that we've been studying the internal arts since four years old, but Damo can. With over thirty years of experience, he is an authority on Daoism and especially the path of Nei Gong. In A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong Mitchell flexes his knowledge like no one else on the topic has ever before. The book will leave you with a comprehensive view of the Daoist tradition, Qi Gong, Chinese medicine, and martial arts. In this book Damo Mitchell unleashes his spirit for all of us to learn and grow from on the sacred path of Dao.