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Study the classical Daoist art of Nei Gong (內功). The transformative art that underpins all internal practices coming out of China.

Our Events and Workshops

Damo and his senior teachers regularly run events internationally throughout Europe, America, and Asia, covering all of the Lotus Nei Gong syllabus – Click the button below for Damo’s event schedule…

Our Online Programs

The Internal Arts Academy is our website for our authentic online instructional material in Daoist and Buddhist internal energy work, including teaching on Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Meditation, Martial Arts, and Medicine.

Chinese Medicine

The Xian Tian College is the Chinese medicine ascpect of Lotus Nei Gong, where we provide training courses in a number of disciplines such as Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Qi Gong.

~ Study Nei Gong ~

The transformative process of Nei Gong (內功) is taught in a structured and systematic way to students of Lotus Nei Gong International; the step-by-step training method is classical in style yet clear in application.

Buddhist & Daoist Internal Methods

Damo has explored the Daoist and Buddhist lineages for his whole life as well as Hindu and Western lines. Let him guide you through the core of their internal methods. Damo and his senior teachers regularly run events internationally – Click the button below for our official and affiliate branches…

Not many of us can say that we’ve been studying the internal arts since four years old, but Damo can. With over thirty years of experience, he is an authority on Daoism and especially the path of Nei Gong. In his books Damo unleashes his spirit for all of us to learn and grow.
Jason Gregory, Author & Spiritual Teacher

The Lotus Nei Gong International School of Daoist Arts was established by Damo Mitchell in early 2004 in order to preserve and share the arts of Qi Gong, Nei Gong and the internal Martial Arts. As an organisation, we believe in studying and preserving a system in its classical format. The methods offered here are the result of Damo’s studies across Europe, China and Southeast Asia over many decades. Damo is also a widely published author on the internal arts and this site serves as a portal to access his writings as well as his classes and courses. As an international organisation. we also have branches around the world run by senior students of Damo.

Best Selling Author of the Internal Arts

Damo is an award-winning and widely published author on the subject of the internal arts. His books are recognised as some of the clearest in the field. We invite newcomers to the school or the arts to explore Damo’s books and other writings.

Explore the Internal Arts Academy – The online part of Lotus Nei Gong, at damomitchell.com

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