Events & Workshops


Below, you will find a list of Damo’s main public teaching events.  Please visit the official branches page to see events and workshops that are scheduled by Lotus Nei Gong’s Senior instructors.

~ Upcoming Live Events ~

Perth – Foundations Event

Nei Gong in Perth, Australian

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For the first time, Damo Mitchell will be visiting Australia. He will be teaching a three-day event looking at the foundations of Daoist Nei Gong training as taught within the Lotus Nei Gong school. 

Through practice training and theoretical lessons, students will learn how to regulate the body and breath for Nei Gong practice and then, the inner processes involved in establishing and awakening the lower Dan Tian. 

Students will come away with all that they need in order to maintain their own personal Nei Gong practice. 

This course is a chance for people in Australia to get themselves going along the path of Nei Gong!


Feb 23rd: 10am – 5pm

Feb 24th: 10am – 5pm

Feb 25th: 10am – 4pm

The cost of the course is 350 AUD

Damo Mitchell (in-person)

February 23rd – 25th 2024

Price – 350 AUD

Perth, Australia

USA Foundations Event

Nei Gong in Houston, Texas

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Please note that this course will begin at 1pm on the 15th of June and so the first day is a half day running for an afternoon. The second day is en entire day in length.

Over 1.5 days, Damo and seniors will cover the foundations of Nei Gong practice including, how to stand, how to sit, how to breathe and how to establish the lower Dan Tian. 

This day and a half of training will set up the foundations for beginners who wish to carry on for the longer retreat Damo is teaching. Longer term students are, of course, allowed to attend.


June 15: 1pm – 5pm

June 16: 9:30am – 5pm

The cost of the course is $150

Damo Mitchell (in-person)

June 15th – 16th 2024 (1.5 days)

Price – $150

Houston, Texas

USA Nei Gong Course

Nei Gong in Houston, Texas

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For 2024, Damo is heading down to Houston, Texas for the annual Nei Gong retreat we hold each year in the United States. 

Over the course of seven days, Damo and seniors will be taking the group deep into various aspects of the internal arts with a focus on both Neigong and Neidan alchemical practices. 

The energetics of the internal arts will be explored through both practical classes and theoretical lectures meaning that students of all levels will benefit from the material taught. 


The course is being held from June 17th to June 23rd. 

Classes will run from 9:30am to 5pm each day with a short break for lunch.

The cost of the course is $780

Damo Mitchell (in-person)

June 17th – 23rd 2024

Price – $780

Houston, Texas

Sweden Summer Camp

2024 Annual Camp

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More Nei Gong madness in the forests!


Students should arrive on the 7th of July at the camp ready to begin training on the morning of the 8th. 

We shall train through to the evening of the 18th with a day off in the middle of the camp which will be on the 13th. 

Price and other information to follow soon. 

Damo Mitchell (in-person)

July 7th – July 18th

Price – £850

Linköping, Sweden

Han Dynasty Animals

Ancient Dao Yin Practice

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The oldest version of the animal frolics in the Swedish forests…


This course will run all day from the 21th to the 21st of July.

Students may only attaned these two days as an ‘add on’ to the rest of the Sweden retreat.

Students may either leave after 5pm on the 21st or the next day on the 22nd.

Damo Mitchell (in-person)

July 20th – July 21st

Price – £150

Linköping, Sweden