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Due to the nature of Damo’s worldwide schedule, and also in light of recent situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Lotus Nei Gong have decided to put a few select courses and workshops online so that everyone can have access to Damo’s live teachings and instruction.  These events of course will in no way ever replace Damo’s in-person events, but we hope that they can most certainly bridge the gap for those who are unable to travel for the moment or in the future.

Please see a list of Damo’s online events below, with details of how to access them and how they work, and please also visit if you are interested in our online academy, which includes hundreds of hours of lecture footage and numerous step by step courses in Nei Gong, Alchemy, Taiji, Baguazhang, and Daoist studies.

~ Upcoming Online Events ~

Second Spring

Working with Menopause

More Details

Many women in the west experience a lot of negative symptoms during the shift of menopause. If the internal balance of the body would have been healthy and strong up until this stage, menopause would have very likely not come with any negative symptoms. In Daoism menopause is called the “Second Spring”, symbolising a new stage in life, a phase with greater potential for inner development and spiritual growth.

Women who are going through this shift, would benefit from learning how to work with the energetics of the body and what we can do to rebalance and strengthen it.
The kidneys in Chinese medicine is the body’s root of energy, Yin (cooling, moistening) and Yang (warming function). During menopause the Yin substance dries up, and the Yang can become excessive and flare up and cause things like; hot flushes, insomnia, emotional disharmonies, night sweats, knee and lower back pain etc.
With Nei Gong practice and breath work we can learn how to nourish the lower energy field, to help boost the energy of the kidneys. As a result, the flare up of energy will be able to anchor, the mind and emotions settle, and more of the internal energy can be used towards fuelling the spiritual shift of the “Second Spring”.

During the second spring we are moving into a more Yin phase of life, where it is easier to absorb the mind into the body and work with our internal cultivation. The heart centre also has greater potential for growth during this time.

The classes will be relevant to beginners and regular students.
Over the four weeks we will work through foundational Nei Gong principles and exercises along with Women’s Practices and Yang Sheng Fa (Life Nourishing Guidelines). Things that will be useful to incorporated during “Second Spring” to help us grow with it instead of feeling burdened by it. <3 🙂

Sunday classes dates:
10th oct, 24th oct, 31st Oct, 7th Nov

UK time: 5pm-7pm. PST time: 9am-11am.

Please make sure to take daylight saving time in your country into account.

Cost: 14EUR per class

You can either pay for each class individually or as a block.
If you want to book a place, please email Dana at
Classes are conducted over Zoom and links will be sent out closer to the time.

Roni Edlund (Online)

Oct 10, Oct 24, Oct 31, Nov 7

14€ per class

Qi Deviation Sickness

Correcting Errors

More Details

Over three days (Fri-Sun), Damo Mitchell will explore the nature of Qi Deviation sickness, Dragon Sickness, Kundalini syndrome and other related conditions. To understand these conditions, we need to look at what happens when a person practices the internal arts. Damo will show the mechanisms of Qi that take place when a person engages with Qigong, Meditation or Yoga.

Principles of practice and exercises will be taught to correct the kinds of sicknesses that may arise from incorrect internal arts practice.

In the past, Damo has offered teachings for practitioners of Chinese medicine so that they may help those suffering with these conditions but this course is different as it is aimed at those who teach and practice internal arts more than at qualified TCM doctors.

The course is relevant to anybody who teaches the internal arts, those who have suffered from a problem arising from incorrect practice and those who simply wish to understand the mechanisms of the internal arts to a higher degree. Sometimes, through understand what may go wrong, we may gain greater insight into what we should do corrcetly.

The course is a mix of theoretical and practical lessons.

The time table for the course will be:

Each day (7-9 October)

12-2 pm – Lesson 1

4-6 pm – Lesson 2

8-10 pm – Lesson 3

These times are in UK time

Classes are conducted over Zoom and links will be sent out closer to the time.

Please note, that this event is only open to those who are either existing members of the Lotus Nei Gong School, those who have trained with us previously or to those who are subscribed members of the Internal Arts Academy. 

Damo Mitchell (Online)

January 7-9

For all of our online events, we use Zoom, which can be used for free on any device or computer. 

Please click here to download the Zoom app.

What do I need?

To participate in any of our online events, all you need is the ability to get online, and have Zoom downloaded to your device (such as a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet).

Please click here to download the Zoom app if you do not have it already.

Please note that only one device can access your given invitation link.

What will be the course schedule?

Each course schedule will be slightly different depending on the material that is being covered.  For more information about each event, please click on the ‘More Details’ button on each event listing.  This will give details about scheduling and also suggestions on what you may require for the event.

What if I am not available for the full event?

No problem – the recordings of each event will be available for a week after the event.  Highlights of the event will then also be available within the library section of the Internal Arts Academy (

Will I be able to ask questions?

Of course! There will be a time during each event that you will be able to ask questions to Damo, and also you will be able to ask questions to Damo’s senior instructors throughout each event.

How do I begin the online event?

Once you have registered, we will send you a confirmation email regarding further details and payment information.  This will contain all of the information you need in order to log in and to participate on the online event.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, no refunds can be given once the invitation links have been sent out.

I personally find it very difficult to attend Damo’s workshops in person due to the travel involved and my own teaching schedule, but having the option to attend his workshops online is fantastic.  The classes are just amazing, and it is so easy to log on and attend a class as if I am in the room with Damo and his teachers.  Thank you so much for the opportunity for Zoom classes!!   
Elizabeth Jackson, Yoga Teacher

Best Selling Author of the Internal Arts

Damo is an award-winning and widely published author on the subject of the internal arts. His books are recognised as some of the clearest in the field. We invite newcomers to the school or the arts to explore Damo’s books and other writings.