Lotus Nei Gong International

“Established in 2004, we are an international school with branches across Europe and America. Developed from the teachings of Damo Mitchell, we aim to preserve the wisdom traditions of Asia in their purest format possible.”

The School

Lotus Nei Gong International is, at heart, a school of personal evolution. It is rooted in traditional lineages that stretch back into ancient times with an unbroken succession of teachers who have immersed themselves in the ways of the masters.

The primary ‘language’ taught within Lotus Nei Gong is that of Daoism, though the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism are often used in order to assist with the conveying of a concept or practice. Damo has studied within and been initaited into a number of lines and so these are reflected in the way he teaches.

It is Damo’s hope that this school can live up to the tradition of serving as a centre for those who seek spiritual evolution and so continue the important work of generations of past masters.

There must be no break in the chain of wisdom teachings if they are to survive and benefit generations to come.

The Training

Within Lotus Nei Gong, we teach through a few different formats. We have our Live events which are taught by Damo Mitchell as well as other senior teachers within the school. These events are taught globally with Damo’s events being held in the USA, Sweden and Bali.

We also have Online events taught via Zoom. These events can be found either on the site (for Damo’s events) or via links on the branches page for those Zoom events taught by other teachers in Lotus Nei Gong.

We also then have a large online platform called the ‘Internal Arts Academy’ which can be found at: www.damomitchell.com  
This online platform has weekly ongoing classes, access to classes streamed from Asia and a vast library of theoretical lectures.


The Community

One of the greatest parts of being within Lotus Nei Gong is being connected to the global community of people who have a passion for these arts. Members of the school may be found all across the planet and we stay in touch online, support each other in our practice and maintain great friendships as well as practicing hard together on in-person events. Some of the greatest friendships are formed when people are aligned in their purpose.

Damo Discusses the school


It is funny how small seeds grow into great things. I had no idea that when I opened my small Taiji (Tai Chi) school in Cardiff (UK) that it would organically expand into the global organisation that is Lotus Nei Gong. Far from being what I ever intended, I had only started teaching originally in order to help a couple of friends get the hang of their Taiji form!

Fast-forward to 2021 and things have evolved somewhat. I find myself guiding a growing community of lovely and sincere people around the world who have found their way into a study of the Eastern arts. Some study martial arts, some Qi Gong and others medicine; it doesn’t matter what thread of the tradition they follow, each is working towards expertise in one of several paths that all lead up the same mountain.

For myself, my travels and study continue. I am a teacher second, a student first. I have my masters within the Daoist and Buddhist lines that I am a member of and they keep me busy with practice, learning and personal development. The juggling act of student and teacher is not always easy but I would not have it any other way. In my opinion, when a teacher is no longer accountable to their own master, they run the risk of going astray!

As well as my continuing study with my main teachers, I also strive to seek out lost lineages and practices from China and South East Asia. Of particular interest to me are the long hidden lines of alchemical and Nei Gong practice that are scattered around the East and rarely taught in the open. It is my aim that Lotus Nei Gong serves not only as a place where people may come to study and find personal well-being, but also as a place where dying traditions may be preserved with integrity for the coming generations. We live in a great age of information but also, conversely, an age of disinformation, and so this makes it vitally important that we strive to uphold the authentic practices of the ancient masters.

I hope that those coming into contact with the school find it a valuable step along their own journey and I look forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Much love and blessings on your path.

Damo Mitchell

Technical Director of Lotus Nei Gong International


Damo is a perpetual traveller and explorer. He has spent a large proportion of his adult life on the move through China, Taiwan, India, South East Asia and other parts of the world in search of masters of these arts. When not teaching in Europe or America, he is generally rummaging around in Asia looking to see what traditions are still being practiced or continuing his development under the guidance of his key teachers.