The Bali Headquarters

“The current HQ for Lotus Nei Gong and the teachings of Damo Mitchell is in Bali, Indonesia. It is here that many of the most in-depth and advanced trainings of Lotus Nei Gong material take place”

Bali, Indonesia


From the start of 2022, the main Headquarters of Lotus Nei Gong will be in Bali, Indonesia. Damo and others will be based in the small village of Ubud and it is from here that many of the deepest training events for the school will be held. The school has a large training facility with main hall, smaller teaching rooms and outdoor areas.

Bali is a special place, bursting with energy and life. The local, primarily Hindu population, maintain a close connection with the land and its spiritual properties. The community around Ubud is made up of numerous spiritual organisations and alternative groups who are all pursuing self-development through ones means or another; there is much in the way of Yoga, meditation and other arts and now Lotus Nei Gong is representing the Daoist and internal martial arts in the area.

As a community, we are dedicated practitioners seeking mastery of these arts and Bali will become the place where dedicated members of the school may come to live in retreat-style settings and throw themselves fully into their practice and personal cultivation under the guidance of Damo and other senior members of the school.

Training Dates


2024 Dates


To register on the waitlist, please follow the relevant link below and we will be in touch if a space become available.


Block 1 – March 4th – March 29th

Block 2 – April 1st – April 26th

Block 3 – April 29th – May 24th

Block 4 – August 12th – September 6th. Block 4 waitlist.

Block 5 – September 9th – October 4th. Block 5 waitlist.

Block 6 – October 7th – November 1st. Block 6 waitlist.

Block 7 – November 4th – November 29th. Block 7 waitlist.


Cost of 1 month = 700 GBP

Students will study both Nei Gong and Traditional Martial Arts




Those wishing to attend the school should know that we are a dedicated group, practicing authentic and traditional Eastern methods. As such, we work very hard and are focused on what we do; though we enjoy ourselves and laugh a lot, practice sessions are focused in nature. 

Students applying should contact us at the usual place and then you will receive a link to an application form. This will then be considered and, if we have space, we shall let you know as soon as possible.

Classes run from 9-5 approx with some evening sessions as well. Classes are held five days per week with the weekend to rest and enjoy the local area. Each student will be taught by 4+ teachers from within Lotus Nei Gong, all of which have worked very closely with Damo and who are very knolwedgable on the area they are teaching.

The school is a non-residential school and so students should secure their own housing in the local area. We do not assist with this side of staying with us and students need to sort their own visa’s though we can provide contact details of agencies who can assist with all of this.

As visitors to Bali, we adhere to their traditions and all students should respect the local customs at all times. Do not follow the example of the local expat community who are not always the best visitors with regards to their manners and respect.