Bali Nei Gong Retreats

“Traditional Nei Gong & Qi Gong training in Bali, island of the Gods”

Come study Nei Gong & Qi Gong with Lotus Nei Gong in Bali

Training Outline

  • Students study at our village school location where they learn with us from 9am until 1pm from Monday to Thursday each week.
  • On Friday, students join the town school location group for lectures and lessons with Damo. Note that Damo also teaches the Thursday session at the Qigong School as well.
  • This makes it five days training per week, each month of the students stay, In this way, students spend their mornings learning with us and then, after lunch, they may either continue with their own practice (which we can help guide you into) or else they may relax and enjoy the benefits of Bali living.
  • On some weekends (approx one per month), students have the option of joining on Zoom for one to two days of tuition as Damo teaches fixed subjects to other students as well.

On these programs, we will be teaching the Nei Gong and Qi Gong material which matches both the Lotus Nei Gong and Internal Arts Academy syllabus programs. 

Damo Mitchell

Weekly Timetable


Monday 9am – 1pm – Nei Gong training
Tuesday 9am – 1pm – Nei Gong training
Wednesday 9am – 1pm – Nei Gong training
Thursday 9am – 1pm – Nei Gong with Damo
Friday 9am – 12pm – Nei Gong with Damo
Weekend Approx one weekend per month full-time training

Available Dates


Block 1 – March 4th – March 29th

Block 2 – April 1st – April 26th

Block 3 – April 29th – May 24th

Block 4 – August 12th – September 6th

Block 5 – September 9th – October 4th

Block 6 – October 7th – November 1st

Block 7 – November 4th – November 29th


Students wishing to join us at the village school for our Qigong programs should apply and let us know which month-long blocks they wish to come along for. Numbers are highly restricted and so please book as soon as you are able to join us here in Bali.

The cost of each month-long block is 650 GBP

The lessons are run by Lotus Nei Gong teachers from Mon – Thu and Damo Mitchell on Fridays. 

The school is situated just outside of Ubud town. Students are best off renting a scooter and driving to the school or else taking a daily taxi ride which is very cheap.