Code of Ethics

Lotus Nei Gong International

Code of Ethics

All teachers within our organisation are required to adhere to the school’s code of ethics. This is part of the agreement which a teacher undertakes when becoming a part of our teaching team. These codes are designed to ensure that the integrity of Lotus Nei Gong is upheld throughout all our classes.

Conduct of Teachers

All teachers within the Lotus Nei Gong school should have one main thing in common: they practise! It is never acceptable for teachers to run a school when they don’t have a regular practice of their own. Lotus Nei Gong is a school of avid practitioners, all working on their own personal development; and this should never change. Teachers should all be working towards developing their practice and,, in this way work to inspire their students to do the same. Teaching time does not count as practice time for our teachers as they each have set times in a day which they put aside for their own development. This seems to have sadly been lost in many modern schools. Teachers should only be those who are undertaking their own journey of inner development.

Agreement to Student Confidentiality

Anything which takes place within a Lotus Nei Gong class is to be held in confidence by the teacher of that class. At no time should the training of students appear in images without the direct consent of the students. Footage of Nei Gong training should never appear anywhere. The teacher should never discuss personal aspects of a student’s internal training outside of the class setting. In this way, we can ensure that a safe environment is created which students can feel comfortable in while moving through their own developmental process.


No student shall ever be discriminated against due to their race, religion, age, gender or disability. Lotus Nei Gong supports a strong policy of ensuring that all students are equal and nobody is ever prevented from joining the school, except for in the case of those who are too young, those who are pregnant or those who are deemed not physically or psychologically strong enough for the practices.

Student/Teacher Relationships

The teacher of the class will retain professional levels of conduct with the class. Though we are a friendly organisation, it is very important to us that inappropriate personal relationships do not build up between teachers and students. This is because too many schools within the Daoist world seem to revolve around the teacher forming repeated inappropriate sexual relationships within their students. This is never a good idea as it compromises the safe environment of the school and we are against any form of predatory or power-based abusive behaviour.

Selection of Students

Students below the age of eighteen should never enter into any form of internal training. All teachers within Lotus Nei Gong should adhere to this guideline. We shall never teach anybody who is pregnant and teachers also have full discretion to disallow a student from their class if they are deemed to be of insufficient physical or psychological strength.


Lotus Nei Gong should never become an elitist school where students are barred from training due to lack of finances. While a fair cost should be charged, no teacher within the school should ever raise costs to levels where many cannot access the training. At the same time, teachers should work to ensure that cliques do not form and that all feel welcome within their training group.

Honesty and Integrity

Teachers should all be open and honest about their level of understanding and skill with students. At no time will the illusion of ‘secrets’ be held over the heads of students. It is fair to say that a student is not ready for a particular practice but the reasons for this should be discussed with them. At all times, honesty and integrity should be maintained within classes.

Lotus Nei Gong Syllabus

The Lotus Nei Gong syllabus should never be mixed with other practices within a class. Those teachers within the school who study elsewhere should be clear to their students as to where they learnt the material and Lotus Nei Gong material should be taught in classes totally apart from any other subject. Students have the right to know whether they are studying something from within the Lotus Nei Gong syllabus or not. Those teachers within the Lotus Nei Gong school should follow the syllabus of the school if they wish to teach our material.

Core Teaching Team

As well as the highly trained teachers we have within our school, we also have the core teaching team. Headed by Damo and Roni, this group of teachers takes a larger role in the development of courses and training events as a whole within the school. They also have other responsibilities within the school and are a good place to go for more detailed information on their respective subjects. As a rule, it is rare for any of our core teaching team to be training in material from outside of Lotus Nei Gong. Though they may dabble in other practices, the seniors are a group committed to the methods of Lotus Nei Gong.

The core teaching team currently consist of:

  • Damo Mitchell
  • Roni Edlund
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Neil Lodge
  • Sophie Johnson
  • Mike Jones
  • Steve Galloway
  • Jason Smith