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Welcome to the home of the Lotus Nei Gong International School of Internal Arts. We are a dedicated school of cultivators working through the medium of Chinese Martial Arts, Nei Gong, Qi Gong and Meditation. The school was established in the UK by Damo Mitchell in 2004 and has since gone on to become a global organisation.

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6th June 2025, 6PM – Divi Philharmonic Hall
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What do we do?

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Nei Jing Tu

July 3rd

Joyce Thom

“Damo Mitchell’s depth of knowledge and wide range of experience is remarkable. Even more extraordinary however is his unwavering dedication to studying and preserving the authentic internal arts.
Damo’s genius is that he is able to break down complex esoteric subjects into the specific causes, conditions, and effects needed for progress.
It is rare to find adepts who continue to work so hard to refine their craft and continue their growth. And it is even rarer to find those who are willing to share their understanding and insights so generously.”

Steve Wheeler

“I spent ten years studying and training with different teachers of the Daoist arts, and I learnt many valuable and helpful practices. But my first day in a Lotus Nei Gong class I knew I had found what I was looking for: tangible, practical techniques that lead to real progress and change, explained with precise technical detail and grounded in an atmosphere of cameraderie and good humour.”

Cole Diamond

“Lotus Neigong presents a curriculum of esotericism and classical spiritual practice to the public in a way that is unprecedented.

To have the ability to study neigong, alchemy, and internal martial arts in such a clear, open, and sequential way is an incredible opportunity, and I feel tremendously lucky and grateful to be able to do so.

LNG is the result of a profound degree of searching, diligence, and dedication in Damo’s own path and it is amazing that we get to benefit from the fruits of his tremendous labor.”

Harry Terzian

“I spent years searching for genuine schools of these arts. Unfortunately most were either just arm waving or based on imagination – or worse still, dangerous and incomplete.
Lotus Nei Gong is one of those rare schools that gives you the complete picture of step by step understanding and development along the path.
Everything is explained clearly – missing none of the crucial nuances or dumbing it down. At the same time the complexity is broken down to make it understandable.
All the methods are shared fully – and they’re shockingly powerful once you get to grips with them. Very thankful to have found LNG.”

Ffion Medi Davis

“Lotus Nei Gong is the key to access the treasured information that is so often missing from the world of internal arts. It’s teachers lead by example and only teach what they have diligently practiced. It is a place of kindness and a space where everyone can progress to realise their full potential.
Whether your looking for somewhere to gain skills and knowledge of training practices, to improve self development and mental clarification, or to do something more profound.
Lotus Nei Gong is the access point for all of these things and more. It has a way of picking you up and placing you on your life path and it’s up to you where you go from there…”

Phillip Reiner

“Damo’s books lead me to seek out his tuition in person. He has the ability to get his abundant knowledge of the internal arts and its principles across in a way which makes it easy to understand and access.

The Lotus Nei Gong classes are characterized by hard work, dedicated students and a joyful atmosphere. All this helped me to gain quick progress, which is what I have long been looking for.”

Jonathon Phillips

“Lotus Nei Gong takes a critical look into the mechanics of body, mind, and spirit development within the Daoist lineage. For the student who wants a hands-on approach to cultivation, LNG provides well defined methods alongside clearly presented theory, and is based on practical knowledge earned through experiential learning.
In addition, Damo keeps a light-hearted approach to his teaching and it has been a pleasure to be a part of the school’s community, both online and at various workshops around the globe. There is a collegial atmosphere of support amongst peers and teachers within the school.
LNG has brought a deep sense of peace and accomplishment into my life. I feel more capable than ever before, and have faith that with LNG I am truly on the right path towards spiritual fulfillment.”

Thomas Balazsy

“Having the privilege to study with LNG for about 5 years now I not only have had access to high level tuition from a large number of skilled and dedicated teachers but also became part of a community of kind and helpful practicioners who support each other by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Besides getting an insight to the authentic eastern arts I made friendships and had experiences that will stay with me forever.”

Anaisita Dao

“A systematic approach to learning is how I would describe LNG; having started with absolutely no knowledge of the Daoist internal arts, I quickly began to understand the process.

Not only from the explanation of the theory that is often given, but from the experiential understanding gained as I continue to move deeper into the practice. Plus the added bonus is the great community of practitioners involved in LNG!”

Xuelian Qin

“We all come from different backgrounds and perspectives when we seek something like LNG, for me, to have met and being taught by a teacher who knows the authentic method, and still further improving himself and herself (Roni) , willing and enthusiastic about teaching and helping us.

Along every step of the way, i also felt the enormous amount of encouragement, patience and love from them, which has been the huge support for me over the years, as when the body changes the mind changes too, then life changes, changes are good but not always easy at the time.”

Mark Hartnett

“Training with Damo Mitchell in Lotus Nei Gong has been life changing. The practice of Nei Gong, Alchemy and Bagua has been nothing short of amazing. Plus the theory to back up the practice makes everything so clear, transparent and understandable.

Damo’s knowledge and skill is mind blowing. Can’t wait to get back to his in person classes. All the other teachers in Lotus Nei Gong are so helpful and friendly.

It’s a school about really helping everyone to progress efficiently and correctly. Highly recommend to anyone interested in the internal arts.”

Florian Nischwitz

“Lotus Nei Gong is the most authentic internal arts school I have ever come across.

Damo Mitchell shares his vast knowledge without holding back and in a unique way which allows the Western mind to understand the theory behind the practice.

This combination leads to a linear progress along the path and opens the door to understanding the inner workings of the human energy system.”

Mandie Thrippleton

“Damo has the rare ability to break down incredibly complex ideas so anyone can understand them, which makes these arts so accessible.

Genuine teachers, tangible results, fun training. LNG is THE place to go to develop an authentic practice.”

Kim Jong Un

“Since joining Lotus Nei Gong, the extra Qi has helped me develop more focus and concentration. With this newfound ‘inner fuel’, I have managed to bring control, domination and order to my loyal citzens of the People’s Republic of North Korea.

Western imperialists are no match for me any more, now that I have fully developed my Dan Tian and opened by body’s channels.”