The majority of ancient cultures associated feminine energy with the moon and the ancient Daoists were no exception. The cycles of the moon have a direct affect upon the flow of energy within a woman’s body and learning how to work with these flows can help a woman to move steadily through her practice. These cycles regulate the movement of essence, energy and spirit within a woman’s mind-body system.

On a practical level, the key bodily function that we must try and link to the cycles of the moon is our menstrual cycle. During our monthly bleed our energy is lower and our essence naturally wants to sink down from the region of the chest towards our Uterus. At the mid point of our cycle it is the opposite; our spirit is raised, energy is high and our essence moves up to invigorate our Heart-centre. Our aim is to link this natural cycle of raising and falling energy with the moon’s phases as shown in the image below:

By working with the moon using specific exercises, a woman can learn how to link the full and dark moon to these movements of essence and thus use a simple environmental practice to help establish a foundation in good health. Too many women think that pre and post menstrual symptoms are a normal and unavoidable part of being a woman. This is simply not true, if the cycles of essence can be regulated then negative symptoms vanish and thus our monthly cycle becomes a cleansing and energising part of our life and practice.

More information on the practice of Lunar Gazing as more in-depth theory on the cycles of female essence can be found in the following books:

  • Daoist Nei Gong for Women – The Art of the Lotus and the Moon
  • White Moon on the Mountain Peak – The Alchemical Firing Process of Daoism