The Concept of Ming

The concept of Ming can be seen as an amalgamation of the ideas of destiny, fate, life-purpose, individual will and personal vitality. These ideas are intertwined into a single stream of divine information that flows between the poles of Heaven and Earth.

Any attempt to balance a person’s connection to Ming must take all of the above concepts into account. The level of harmonisation a person can achieve with their Ming is manifest within the expression of their personal health. To stray from Ming results in a breakdown of harmony.

Conversely, to work with the base frequencies of life and nourish the health is to align oneself with Ming. This is the purpose of bodywork within the Daoist tradition. Balance the vehicle of manifestation to locate personal connection to Ming.

The Release of Physical Disharmony

Practice within the wisdom tradition of Dao leads a person to restore vitality to the physical through practice on three levels:

  • Refinement and restructuring of the body. The conductor that sits between the realms of spirit and manifestation.
  • Energetic consolidation of the internal information sources of Jing and Qi. To harmonise the transformation of these treasures.
  • The harmonisation of the spirits influence over the manifest form.

Ming can only communicate through our body if we are able to efficiently ‘conduct’ its teachings. Factors involved in the blocking of Ming include poor health, low vitality, organ-based imbalance and a lack of ability to ‘enter the stream’. To enter the evolutionary process of alchemical change a person must resolve these issues.

The Release of Source Imbalances

The Daoist Tantric method of seeking harmony involves the cyclical entering of still and dynamic states. A follower of the way learns how to lead the centre towards a state of equilibrium and yet at the same time engage with the chaos of organic human energies. The powers of Heaven and Earth combine within the cauldron of the lower Dan Tian energy field. In this way the teachings of Dao may enter the body and begin the releasing process of Daoism. Both challenging and liberating, this is the path of reuniting with Ming.

From imbalance, to chaos, to re-patterning to harmony of the first vehicle.