A Complex Path

The Daoist tradition is a large and comprehensive tradition of multiple arts. Each of these arts developed in response to an element of the Daoist understanding of life and existence. The chart below shows the integrated nature of the arts studied and taught within Lotus Nei Gong:

Together these arts make up the methodology which the school follows in order to move towards the elevation of spirit. They are classical systems and pointers alongĀ theĀ roadĀ to Dao. The tools which are used in the pursuit of the dissolving of false-self.

In order for their to be development along Ming (life-path), a foundation must be built in the essence. From here structure must be formed in the vehicle of the impermanent body. The work of Tantric conversion towards higher states of connection takes place within the microcosm of the body and this work is a helping hand up into the realm of spiritual work.

Note that this is a long path though. Not all have the time to study such a complex system of life development. This is only the syllabus for those dedicated to the pursuit of Dao in a complete manner. The majority of people will benefit from engaging in the practice of only one or two elements of the Daoist arts. We simply place them together like this so somebody may see the bigger picture of there tradition.

Note also that when we say ‘Tantric’ we are referring to ‘direct work with energetics’ and not sexual techniques as if often associated with the term.