Uluwatu Program

This 2.5 Year Long Program will be taught in Uluwatu, Bali

2.5 Years of Structured Training in Uluwatu, Bali


Over the course of 4 weekends per year (for the first and second years training) as well as Zoom meetings and a longer 10-day retreat, students will study the art of Nei Gong in great detail so as to enable them to develop a powerful lifelong practice of their own. This is a chance to go deep into the art of Nei Gong in a structured and step-by-step fashion, guided by Damo Mitchell and his senior students. 

Course Outline

Here is a brief outline of the two-year long foundation program which takes the form of 18 days per year for the first two years and then 12 days for the final year. This totals 48 days of face-to-face tuition as well as ongoing Zoom classes during this time. 

Year 1 –

  • 4 x Weekends (in Uluwatu)
  • 1 x 10-day long intensive retreat (in Uluwatu)

Year 2 ‚Äď

  • 4 x Weekends
  • 1 x 10-day long intensive retreat

Year 3 ‚Äď

  • 2 x Weekends
  • 1 x 8-day long intensive retreat

Alongside these in-person days of teaching. We shall also have 3 zoom meet-ups per year of either 1 or 2 days of teaching which will be headed by either Damo or one of his senior teachers. These Zoom online-classes will be spaced throughout the year. 


Here are the costs which include the weekend events, the longer 10-day long retreat and the three Zoom events held over the course of each year. Food and accommodation is not provided.

Year 1 Tuition Cost: 2,500 USD
Year 2 Tuition Cost: 2,500 USD
Year 3 Tuition Cost: 1,800 USD

The first half of year 1’s tuition will be paid through links we send out to applicants one month before the start of the course and the second half will be paid just before the 10-day long retreat with Damo. We shall send payment links out closer to the time. ¬†

Year 1 Dates

Here are the dates for the first year of the structured training. All weekend classes will run from 9 am to 5 pm with a lunch break in the middle.
Please note that we will need to confirm the 10-day retreat taught by Damo but it will be taught in the month of April and we shall have these dates in the not-too-distant future. 

Weekend 1 – September 14th – 15th 2024

Taught in Uluwatu by Damo + Senior Teachers
This course will focus upon standing practice, development of the lower Dan Tian and beginning the Yi Jin Jing process.

Weekend 2 –¬†November 16th – 17th 2024

Taught in Uluwatu by Senior Teachers
This course will look at developing and mobilising Qi as well as body-changing principles. 

Weekend 3 – March 29th – 30th 2025

    Taught in Uluwatu by Damo + Senior Teachers
    This course will look at the Hui Chun and integration of the key regulations of Nei Gong practice. 

    Weekend 4 – May 17th – 18th 2025

    Taught in Uluwatu by Senior Teachers
    This course will continue with the work started and develop these principles further in preparation for the upcoming retreat. 

      Retreat – April 10 Day retreat (Dates TBC) 2025

        Taught in Uluwatu by Damo Mitchell
        This 10-day long retreat held in Uluwatu, Bali will go deep into Nei Gong practice and build upon the foundations learnt in the first year of the structured course. 

        3 x Zoom events spaced throughout the year. These will be streamed from Bali, Indonesia. They will be taught by Damo Mitchell with some support from other teachers. 

        Damo Mitchell

        The Teachers


        The Uluwatu, Bali program is taught by Damo Mitchell and Senior teachers from the Bali school.

        Through a combination of the in-person events, the Zoom meet-ups and online forum, the teachers will work to ensure that students are taught to a high standard as they are taken step-by-step through the Nei Gong process and taught the arts we pass on within Lotus Nei Gong and the associated Internal Arts Academy.

        Damo Mitchell