The Expression of Xing

Our Xing is our expression of nature, consciousness and awareness. Based within the ethereal realm of spirit, the Xing is the root of our being as well as the manifestation of the state of Xin or ‘Heart’. Ultimately the aim of all eastern mystical traditions is the aim for elevation of Xing. Though the paths may differ the goal is always the same.

Xing incorporates the concept of true nature, the enlightened wisdom mind held out of our reach only by our lack of awareness. Encasing this aspect of nature is the acquired mind. The combined information of the mental clutter accumulated on a second-to-second basis over the course of our lives. The mundanity of illusory life serves to distort the connection we have to existence. This is the reason for the demise of true Xing within human beings.

The Lens of Acquired Being

Some traditions saw the distortion of human Xing as the root of suffering; others as the reason we are caught in the cycle of rebirth so fundamental to many religions. To the Daoist’s, the Xing’s quality dictates the lens through which we view and experience our life. From the single origin of human awareness comes the potential for enlightened comprehension of reality or biased mental conditioning. Freedom of spirit based upon endless compassion or entanglement in pointless drama.

The lens of acquired being is based within the emotional energies which bind us to the layers of conditioned thinking. It is these bonds which must be severed through Nei Gong training in order to elevate the spirit to a state where it can reconnect with Dao.

The Layers of Release

The process of release begins with the surface layers of emotional mind and then works deeper towards the core of being. Such layers dissolve in order to generate more space within our Heart:

  • The surface expression of emotional experience must be shed. This takes away the key distortions of imbalanced mind.
  • The primary lens of mental distortion must be worked with and released into a space of elemental neutrality.
  • Programmed biases and mental conditioning should be let go of in order to purify the sense faculties experience of life.
  • Erroneous factors in the developed sense of self should be worked with in order to shed the intellectual concept of ‘I’.
  • The deepest layers of releasing involve letting go of a sense of division and ultimately the borders between soul, spirit and Dao.

Through an exploration into the ever-deepening process of mental and cognitive release a person can be led towards experience of undistorted virtue. The highest expression of Xing within Daoism.